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                地址: 蘇州市南溪○江路255號
                手機:+86 1565 110 6261
                電話:+86 512 6265 8463
                獵頭信息: 射頻高級工程╲師 / 經理
                發布日期: 2020/10/19
                LOCATION: Beijing, China
                A solid US based, multinational public company designs, manufactures, markets semiconductor wafer
                processing equipment used in the fabrication of integrated circuits.

                1. Handle with RF matters of etch system, develop/optimize/test RF parts, such as match
                box, RF filter, High voltage module ..
                2. Collaborate with other group or supplier to qualify RF parts for existing etch system
                such as RF generator, capacitor…
                3. Provide failure analysis, customer site RF issue support and troubleshooting
                4. Prepare document, BOM for design release

                • Electrical or RF Power Engineer with BS / MS / PhD professional engineering program with demonstrated aptitude
                • 6+-10+ years of experience in the following areas:
                - Semiconductor equipment system and component level problem-solving
                - Multi-kilowatt High Power RF Environments from 1 to 60 MHz
                - Understanding of Transmission Line theory, Impedance matching, RF measurements & calibration techniques
                - Components include analog and digital circuits, computer control networks and interactions of hardware and software
                - Experience with Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly, inspection and test is preferred
                - Electrical measurement equipment familiarity, including: DMM, LCR, Milli-ohm Meters, Network Analyzers, Hi-Pot/Ground Bond Testers, Function Generators, Oscilloscopes, TDR Meters, Spectrum Analyzers
                - Working knowledge of: SPC, Cpk, DOE, GR&R (MSA), 5-Why, 6S/7W, t/F tests, box plots, 8D
                - Working knowledge of electrical & mfg standards (Semi S2, OSHA, ISO9000/14000,RoHS, UL, IEEE, MIL, IPC 610/620)
                - Electro-mechanical assembly, methods of part fabrication, assembly, test and quality assurance
                - Practical lab and experimental experience is required
                - Critical and creative thinking, qualitative and quantitative analysis methods
                - Communication skills including written and verbal with emphasis on presentations to team members and stakeholders
                - Domestic and oversea travel is required
                聯系人:承先生     電話:+86 512 6265 8463     +86 1565 110 6261
                郵件:joe.chen@careerdream123.com       網址:www.careerdream123.com